Celebrating International Women’s Day: Thoughtful Personalised Gifts for Staff


8th March, New York City, 1857. One of the first organised strikes by working women, female textile workers protested unequal rights and poor working conditions. Here we are in 2024, and this date now marks International Women’s Day. It is genuinely one of my favourite holidays to celebrate.

Not only do I feel empowered and inspired, but it is also a time to appreciate the wonderful women we are surrounded by in our lives. Over the years, more and more companies are beginning to celebrate this important and feel-good day, providing gifts for their female employees.

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As branding and merchandise experts, we always enjoy creating bespoke products for customers, even more so, when it helps celebrate important occasions with impactful messages.

Recognising women in the workforce is incredibly important. It’s a time to note how far we’ve come in history and highlight the significance of working alongside strong, independent women. From sharing stories, providing support, paving progressional paths,  reviewing internal practices, there are many ways businesses can embrace International Women’s Day on Friday the 8th March and beyond.

Personally, I am incredibly grateful for being able to work in an environment that acknowledges and uplifts its female colleagues, and where female colleagues are proud to be women. In celebrating such great events, we create a more unified and diverse culture in the workplace, with a chance to really ignite a ‘girl power’ movement. Working within a company that encourages female empowerment and growth can influence team morale, engagement, and overall happiness.

Ahead of the celebration, we’ve highlighted some gifts that go beyond the ordinary. It’s a curated selection, designed to inspire, connect, and express gratitude. With a climate-friendly focus, we want to change the way gifts are thought about in celebration of International Women’s Day, its meaning and representation.  


She never stops and is always about and about with a coffee in hand. Whether it's a busy working week packed with meetings to after-work gym sessions, or a weekend away for a change of scenery. Our Vinga Bermond RCS recycled PU weekend bag is the perfect option for her. With a luxurious look to the bag and sleep in design, it features strong handles, durable recyclable material and a large print area. Available in either black or brown, it is the perfect sophisticated and verstile option for her to grab and go as she pleases.


She’s the most competitive in the office and enjoys a great opportunity to beat everyone! A compact, mobile game of Tic Tac Toe is ideal to have on hand for a rainy day. With a brandable lid and a small drawstring bag for the pieces, this is the perfect gift to entertain them, family and friends through to the weekend. Ideal for an evening of puzzling, packed with entertainment and friendly competition.


An organised desk, an organised mind; and she knows it. There's nothing quite like having everything you need, when you need it. She needs our Baltimore organiser, equipped with compartments and sections to keep all belongings neat and separated; with space for everything possibly needed including headphones, power banks, pens and notebooks. A practical gift to keep all essentials to hand, and always organised.


She knows that self-care after a long day at work is so important. Our Ukiyo deluxe frangrance sticks and scented candle are the perfect way to unwind. Featuring a relaxing jasmine scent, the candle and diffuser are available in black or white, with various decoration options across the bamboo lid, item back or gift packaging. With an elegant exterior and delightful aromas, this must-have set is guaranteed to look and smell stunning in any home.


She wants to leave a positive impact on the planet, and this is where our Impact RCS recycled leakproof water bottle comes in. Sporting a range of seven beautiful colours from neutrals to pastels, there is an option for everyone. And whilst these bottles are aesthetically pleasing, there's more to it. They're practical and environmentally concsious, and made from 96% recycled content plus 2% of product proceeds donated to Water.org – a win-win for everyone!


She’s just arrived back from her holiday, and already has the next one booked somewhere sunny. The ideal gift for a jetsetter – our Valmer beach towel. With tassels on the short ends and made from luxuruoius organicalyl grown cotton, our 4 colour option towels are perfect for days at the beach or pool. Each towel can be bespokely decorated, a perfect way to raise your brand profile around the globe. 


Always biking into the office and organising charity bike rides in her spare time – our Baltimore bike bag is the missing piece in her life. Available in four chic and neutral colours with a minimalist design, it can be carried either as a rucksack or tote bag. Attachable to bike frames the Baltimore even has padded pockets to ensure those important tech devices are well protected. This bag really is the perfect balance between function and style.

As we celebrate International Women's Day and honour the remarkable achievements of women worldwide, let us remember that the essence of empowerment lies in recognising and uplifting each other. Whether through thoughtful gifts or meaningful gestures, every person and business can do their part to foster a culture of inclusivity, support, and respect for women in every facet of life. Strive for a future where every woman's potential is realised, and her contributions are celebrated every day. How are you celebrating Internation Women's Day?


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