Can We Get A Round Of A’Paws... For Our Pets!


Although our pets will be our entire world all year round, the 11th of April is an extra special day within the whole month of April for not only is it National Pet Month, but today also marks National Pet Day! The purrfect opportunity to take the time to truly appreciate how much our pets light up our lives.

As branding and merchandise experts, we know just how special gifting branded items can be – but why overlook our four-legged friends? Whether your business is surrounding pets and animals, or if you simply want to appreciate your very own pets or those of staff – we can help!

We love a good occasion to celebrate, a time to show gratitude and just how much you care. From valuing your trusty employees, loyal clients, new starters and, of course, the much-loved pets. Our four-legged friends should be no exception!

Here at Involution, we know all too well the positive impact a pet can have on your life, thanks to our 4-year-old office dog Flo, who arguably has the most important role in the company. Always on hand to give a cuddle, make you smile and, magically without a word, promotes mindfulness in the workplace.


When it comes to branded merchandise, the sky is the limit, and we take great pride in curating relevant and innovative products to suit your style of business and marketing purpose. Find out some fun ways you can celebrate your furry friends throughout April and beyond.


From dog treat bags to collars, to leads, to plush cuddly animal toys – ask and we shall fetch. Whether you’re looking to create the ultimate puppy pack or sell branded pet essentials to promote your business, we have an abundance of products we can showcase to you.

You may be planning a visit to a pet show or attending an animal-friendly event, our essential pet accessories will not only cater to your pet and gain exposure for your business but also thoughtful pet products to retail for your brand.

Pawsome suggestion: A firm favourite is the foldable pet bowl, designed for both solids and liquids. Decorated with your logo, and hey presto, you have yourself a practical product for on-the-go whilst promoting your brand, or even ready to sell.


Always a popular choice – personalised clothing! We work with many veterinary practices, dog groomers, dog walkers and pet trainers who come to us for their practical clothing when working with animals. From comfy hoodies, cosy fleeces or seasonal headwear – there are endless options available, from colours and sizes, ready to customise with your logo, a pet design or name personalisation.

Pawsome suggestion: have a paw print embroidered to the left chest of a hoodie, or even a full-colour photographic print of your pet on a white t-shirt! Most recently, one of our junior account managers gifted a sweatshirt with her cat embroidered on it – with this sentimental and personal touch, it’s safe to say it was a hit!


Notebooks, keychains, pens – yes, these everyday products can also become a delightful homage to our furry companions. Infuse your stationery and desk essentials with playful pet motifs, transforming them into a paw-some collection that everyone is going to want!

Are you a dog groomer exhibiting at an event? A professional pet-sitter promoting your services? Or a pet supply store looking for more products? These low-cost promotional items provide a great opportunity to entice new clients or businesses through practical items, with your brand on display daily.

Pawsome suggestion: the Madras cotton tote bag comes in 14 different colours and has a density of 140g/m2, making it a quality, durable and fashionable choice. With a large decoration area of 38 x 42cm, make your bag stand out with all your fetching designs.

There are so many ways you can create your range of pet-inspired merchandise. Whether your business is all about pets, or you’re simply looking to celebrate animals with personalised items, bespoke customisation always adds that personal touch. 

Paw-fectly relevant for any national pet awareness days and celebrations, but also all year round, we have a huge range of products to help you celebrate. From classic items like your dog whistles and pet collars to more out-of-the-box ideas like pet-faced socks or paw print photo frames, and individualised pet bandanas… we’re here to help you create purrfect merchandise.

And if you're planning any social media giveaways or in-store promotions for National Pet Month and need some exciting branded merchandise, get in touch with our team today!