Welcome Gifts And Starter Packs For New Employees


When it comes to recruitment and hiring new staff, it’s a thoughtful idea to have a welcome gift ready for your new starter to help them settle into their new role. Beginning a new job can be both exhilarating and daunting, or even overwhelming from information overload and meeting new colleagues.

Having a gift pack to welcome your new starter to the team can have various positive purposes in addition to making your new team member feel more at ease from day one. Whether it's showcasing your branding, reflecting company culture or simply a kind gesture, a starter pack can add value to the full employee onboarding experience.

What should be included in a new employee starter pack?

There is no right or wrong answer, and it is completely down to each business and individual. When thinking about the items to include, consider what your purpose and outcome are, and how best it will resonate with your new hire. It's always a good idea to give new starters a taste of your business or ethos, so if technology plays a big part in your offering make it tech-focused, and if you're a fun and creative company make your gift fun and creative. 

With the ability to personalise thousands of products, it is guaranteed that the perfect gift is out there for you. For ideas and inspiration on welcome gifts, the following corporate gifts may be of interest:

1. Branded Stationery Essentials Welcome Kit

On a day where there will be a lot of information and notetaking, setup up your new starter with company branded stationery so that from the get-go, they’ll have everything they need to learn and remember. For office jobs using a computer, company mouse mats and coasters are a nice touch for branding and consistency purposes and a useful addition to any desk. The same goes for laptop bags or carry cases, which are often used outside of work environments too. And do not forget the personalised mugs or drinks bottle, an absolute must to help your new starter already feel part of the team!

2. Company-Specific Welcome Pack

Whether you sell a product or service, the best way for your new starters to promote and sell your business is by knowing what you do inside out. Employees are the best ambassadors you can get, so make sure their starter pack includes a taste of who your company is and a flavour of your ethos and culture. This is the perfect way to integrate your business offering with new staff and have them from their first day be at one with your products or services.

3. Wellbeing New Starter Pack

Creating a wellbeing pack is also an effective starter pack. If wellbeing plays a large focus in your company, then this would be the perfect way to set the tone and show your new starter what their health and happiness means to the wider business. From a desk plant to a candle, to a thermal flask with herbal teas and tasty snacks, a wellbeing bundle is a considerate gift that can also help to take away the nerves of the first day. For a special touch, don’t forget to add a personalised name to each item.

4. Recycled Eco-friendly Welcome Gift

For companies that are green and sustainable, choosing the right products within a welcome pack is critical and sets the pinnacle first impression. Sparking passion and aligning company values at the introductory stage can set the tone for the future. ‘Green’ merchandise has become a more desirable option over the years and make for a considerate and impactful gift. From sustainably sourced stationery with plantable seeds to RPET recycled bags to eco plant reusable drinkware, to organic t-shirts, there is an abundance of sustainable gifts and ethical clothing.

5. Technology Essential Starter Kit

Kit your new hire out with the essential office technology needed for them to ace their new role within the company. From personalised power banks and USBs to the all-important phone charging cables and earbuds, or even speakers and digital clocks. The amount of office technology that you can add your logo to is endless, with a tech gadget available for everyone and anyone!

6. Feel Good Welcome Box

Package together all the products designed to make someone feel great and put a smile on their face. You can’t go wrong with a fun selection of company-branded sweets or chocolates, or a balloon with a mini bottle of bubbly to celebrate the new job. To ease the nerves, a stress ball could be a handy tool and a Rubik’s cube to realign focus. Complete the box with a random pair of socks, just because you can. A fun, random box of goodies, to help you say “hello and welcome” to your newbie.

We can help you create the perfect welcome pack for your new starter, with 1000’s products to toggle in and out of a kit that works perfectly for your brand and ethos. All of our products are customisable with various colour options, decoration options and name personalisation.

Whether you’re looking for low-cost or premium gifts, for onsite or remote workers, we can bring your idea to life and make sure future employees get the best first impression of your business with bespoke onboarding packs.