Meet Nathan Cookson, Involution's Operations Director


We're excited to announce the appointment of Nathan Cookson as our new Operations Director.

Nathan has previously supported Involution as Strategic Development Manager, having worked alongside our department heads and directors to maximise the output and efficiencies of the business. Since joining Involution, he has been integral in the company's growth and innovation plans, from increasing turnover and new staff hires, to capital investments and visionary physical expansion.

With ambitious targets to achieve by 2025, under the management of Nathan, Involution will be striving to increase sales by 83% and double production capacity.

Our very own found and Managing Director, Michael Ainsworth, had a few words to add: “Nathan has been committed and driven since he joined. Integral in ‘moving the cogs’, he has had the vision and ability to get Involution where it is today, and his forward-thinking approach has allowed Involution to innovate and thrive during a time where many have struggled.”

Tim Rahill, co-owner and Sales Director also said: “This is a well-deserved promotion and reflects the significance and impact Nathan brings to our company. Now is not the time to stand still as we embark on our next stage, striving for new and bold ideas. With his wealth of experience and appetite for enterprise, we look forward to Nathan embracing this next phase of innovation for our strong growth trajectory.”

With final words from the man himself, Nathan said: “We’re at an exciting stage of the business with impressive plans for the future. I’m looking forward to working alongside Michael and Tim to grow and digitally transform Involution. We’re making significant changes within the industry and although we have achieved a lot over this period, we have barely scratched the surface, and this is extremely exciting.”