About Us

Mission - To deliver exciting, relevant, best practice to maximise the Customer's brand.

Involution Overview

Founded in 1999 by the Marketing Director of a blue chip company to provide turnkey brand support. Involution is in the top 2% of the sector and operate a specialist team who offer over 90 years of experience.The team work in partnership with their Customers and provide advice, support and pragmatic solutions to meet their objectives and budgets. Involution offer the best service in the business

Why Us

  • Expertise -Involution are passionate about promotional products and services.
  • Reliability - We do as we say.
  • Reaction –The best in the industry including express service of 48 hours.
  • Innovation –We bring the latest products to our customers.
  • International sourcing - Utilising global partners in China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Europe.

What our Customers say

We're really proud to say that 96% of our clients have said that our services had surpassed their expectations, and that 98% said the quality had also surpassed their expectations. Being available, helpful and ensuring that our client's get the best designed and manufactured products is our top priority. It gives us satisfaction knowing that we can and do deliver one of the best services there is in the industry. 

Top 4 Reasons Customers Use Involution

  • Enthusiastic staff who add value.
  • Trust in the company to do as they say.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Quality products.